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Walk like dancing.

Imagine if your shoes were more comfortable,
Imagine loving your shoes more day by day,
Imagine if your shoes became more captivating,

Every time you take them out, wherever you may go, the journey becomes more enjoyable with every step.

Now, let’s put our best foot forward that can lead yourself to excitement.
People all over the world walk in sync, smiling happily,
via SANGACIO, we want to help you on your way to your more fulfilling and serene life.

A fusion of advanced Japanese production techniques that pay the upmost attention
to detail and creative Italian design.

Handmade products that pursue the highest quality and an air of playfulness.

Kazuki Maeda, the founder of via SANGACIO learned the Japanese craftsmanship in Kobe and creative Italian design in Florence. The culmination of these two influences is manifested in the via SANGACIO sneakers.

The product reflects our commitment to the highest quality of materials as a craftsman to create a fit that makes your feet feel like letter in an envelope.


Commitment to The Production Process

Produced with a bespoke approach, each pair is crafted by hand with a unique sewing method that bonds the upper part to the sole of the shoe. To create a fit that makes your feet feel like a letter in an envelope.


Commitment to Planning and Design

With our blend of Japanese craftsmanship and creative Italian design, since our founding we have produced products inspired conceptually by Japanese sneakers as seen from abroad.


Commitment to Wooden Pattern

The wooden pattern, which was independently made to fit the feet of Japanese people, was designed to be stable when worn, with little to no toe movement. By slightly reducing the thickness from the base of the toes to the tip of the shoe, it is made to fit perfectly when worn.


Commitment to Insole

A 5mm soft, low-resilience urethane is used for the insole. By attaching a slightly brushed woolen fabric to the top side, it absorbs impact when walking. Whilst maintaining a soft and comfortable fit.


Commitment to Midsole

The EVA midsole, equipped in the NYU’s model is an original midsole that has been adjusted for firmness from the front and a gentle softness towards the back. With a particular attention to detail for cushioning when walking. The PU midsole, used in the NYU’s be was originally developed with a high impact cushion to support walking.


Commitment to Outsole

Only the highest quality rubber is selected in the production of the outsole. Which produces a rubber that is versatile and provides a steady grip.


Commitment to Leather Selection, Sewing, Etc.

The genuine leather used in the sneaker production process is custom made with detailed orders for dyeing and thickness.